Thursday, June 14, 2012

Knees, Instructing and Kids

Should I keep running or start biking??!!! 
My knee is a little better, but still bothering me. 

I stopped powerlifting, because I hated the way my knees felt when I wasn't working out.  You'd think the knee issue would've been from squatting and deadlifting, but nooooooooo.  It was from the darn angle that I'd twist my legs into (back and under the bench) when setting up to bench.  It helped me get a good lift, but did a number on my knees.
I told myself that I hated the way it cut into other fitness adventures.  There was no way I could go out for a jog back then. (Not that I wanted to.  LOL)

Now, my knee seems to bother me more than both of them did back then.  Or maybe it's just time making the problem from back then seem less.

I forgot to mention, in my Sunday post, that I had run that morning.  It didn't go so well on the knee.  Better than I'd thought, but worse than I'd hoped.

I will work on some things to help this work out.  I WILL work on my stretching and IT band. I AM getting new running shoes(I got new shoes, but tried a less expensive pair and added support to help w/my overpronation.  I'm thinking it's not working.)  I WILL fuel better, before going running.  I WILL eat cleaner from now on.

Phewww.  I feel better now.

So.... my Plyo Bootcamp class started on Tuesday and I had 3 people show up. 
 I was happy with this, since  I'd expected NO ONE to show up.  I ran into a few members in the lobby after class and they had no idea about it.  One came into today's class and one will be there next Tuesday.    YAY!!
I had 3 people again in today's class.

I also realized that you should not participate in a whole early morning class, if you've given blood the evening before.  JUST SAYIN.  OK,  I'll start listening to the instructions that the nurses give me when I donate.  ; )

I'm actually glad that the class is starting out smaller, so I can get a handle on this instructing thing.  I need to plan myself a whole bunch of classes ahead of time, though.  I say I'll plan it earlier in the day and then it's 10:30pm and I'm sitting down with my notebook, thinking about getting up in 6 hours.

I WILL write up classes sooner and get to bed earlier!
I did get to the gym yesterday for my own lifting workout, which felt great.  It was a quickie, but good for the back and bis.

Today is my oldest daughter's last day of Freshman year in high school.  UGH. 
The year went by faster than expected, just like EVERY other year.  We/she learned some things and I'm glad that I'm not still in high school.  All in was a pretty good year. 
She can't get a job until the end of summer, but is eagerly awaiting the chance.  She won't be able to get her license until the end of next summer, which is a relief and pain, all at the same time.

My Babies back in April.

(This is being written by a rare naptime 'during mommy is home time', but Baby Girl is stirring in there, so time to go!)

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