Friday, June 22, 2012


I was so freaking excited earlier this week. 
I came home from my longest work day (roughly 14 hours) and found that a package had arrived for me. 

What was it?!


Ella was excited to try them out too!

I have never tried a pair of Mizunos and was totally psyched to get into these.

A problem arose.  Ella got sick the day after they arrived and I haven't been able to get in a run since.

Looks like Sunday will be THE DAY.  My husband just loves the fact that I get up by 5:30am on a Sunday.  Hey!  Could be 4:30, like it has to be on weekdays, to get my run in.

I always go for the sneaker color scheme closest to pink/gray, if there is that option.

This sneaker, the Mizuno Nirvana, only came in one color scheme.  It was my usual fav!

I have to point out that these sneakers have the same color scheme as my blog:  pink, gray, black, white, and  just a little bit of orange.  SERIOUSLY!?  It has to be fate.  Right?

Stay tuned for my review and more details!!!!!!!!!

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