Friday, May 25, 2012


I've been running for two weeks now and this makes my 6th run.  Until today, I had only run 1.5 miles w/out stopping to walk.  (The full runs, including walks, were between 3-4 miles.)  I'd been getting farther before my walk portion, each run.  The distance of the walk was also getting shorter.  I had been walking a whole street last week and this week I had only walked appx 50 ft. 
Today I didn't walk at all!!!!!!
This morning I ran at a 10 min/mile pace for 2.6 miles and I didn't even take ANY walk breaks.  I know that's not very far for a lot of people, but that's far for me!

My runs are getting better.  YAY!

Oh, did I mention that the race I wanted to do in July is full?  Bummer. 
It was only the second year of the race and they didn't expect it to fill up so quickly.
I signed up on the waiting list, in case there are enough cancellations.  Fingers crossed.
I'm trying to find another half in my area around the same time.  I found one for 3 weeks later, so I'm planning on that one, but still training for July.  A few extra weeks will be great for me though, since I only started running a few weeks ago.  I'm following a plan where I was supposed to be able to run for 30min, prior to starting it, and that was not possible.

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