Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Garden Attempt

I had always dreamed of having a garden.  I wanted to grow my own vegetables.  Think of how good we'd feel eating what I'd grown and save money too!
We finally bought a house a few years ago and I couldn't wait to put one in. 
Then we had the baby. 
The garden did not happen last year.
This year, hubby says "Didn't you want to make a garden?".  I told him I did, sometime.  He said, "Well, sometime will be too late."  OK, so he's right. 

 We went to get some supplies and he built me a box outside and I started some seeds indoors. I planted some of everything that I had bought seeds for. There were snap peas, green beans, cukes, zucchini, green leaf lettuce, romaine, carrots, and spinach in my boxes.
Some of them came up quickly and some of them did not.

A few weeks later, I started some seeds directly outside.  The peas, lettuce, romaine, spinach and beans that I planted directly in the ground are growing great!  YAY!!!!!!

I had been keeping a log of how my seeds were growing, so that next year, I could separate certain veggies that took longer to germinate. 
I put the seed boxes outside to 'harden' them, before planting them in the ground.  I am just learning about all of this as I go, so I will make a few mistakes.  The cuke leaves started turning kind of yellow. 
I transplanted some of the cukes, beans and peas into the outside box.
My husband tells me the other day, "I think some of them (in the seed box) aren't growing well, because we are over watering them."  WHAT!?  What do you mean WE are over watering them?!  I told him to leave them alone.  Now all my notes don't mean a thing, because there were more variables than I was writing down.  UGGGGHHHH

We have seen deer prints in some sand in our yard and last year we had skunks and a groundhog.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the animals don't ruin my garden, before I get to it.  So far, so good.  I look at it each morning, before my run.  Every time, I am amazed that I am still seeing plants.

Hopefully the critters will stay away and I will soon be able to tell you about my wonderful garden. 

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