Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hike w/ Baby Girl

So today, Baby Girl and I took a hike. This was only a couple of miles round trip, but it was her first experience being in the backpack.

  She loved it! YAY!!!! I'm so glad, since she may be spending a lot of time in it, this summer.  I'm thinking............lots of backyard lunges with these two attached!

This was the only 'exercise' that I got today.  It was a rest day from jogging in the morning and Saturdays are 'Children day', so I don't get any training in later in the day.  The BIG problem with this low exercise day is:  I've eaten like crap all day.  Why is it, that when my body isn't sore or tired from training, I eat worse?   Do I really need that physical reminder to MAKE me listen to my head?  I KNOW what i'm supposed to eat, but it doesn't always happen.  Tomorrow is another day and enough talking about my bad choices of today.

The only problem was.......there was one child missing.  The teenager wanted more friend time.  OK, I can give in once in awhile.  She doesn't know what she's missing.  LOL!  She does not find the little hike as exciting as we do!?

Just wait and see what I have in store for one-on-one time tomorrow.  HEHEHEHE (evil laugh)
Maybe a nice long bike ride.  Sounds good to me!  But, not till after my Sunday jog.  Hopefully, I'm not really regretting my poor eating choices of today.

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