Friday, August 10, 2012

Surprises in the mail!

I came home one day last week and had a nice yellow package in the mailbox.
I LOVE packages!

Baby Girl helped me open and check it out.

Very interested in the business cards.  :)

Don't mind the junk in the background. :P

Inside the package, I received:
  • A package of G2 powder to add to my water bottle
  • 2 packets of GU Energy-gel.  I'm so excited to try these, since I haven't purchased any for myself yet. There was one in Jet Blackberry flavor and one in Chocolate Outrage flavor.  Um?  YUMMmmm
  • A new pair of pink laces!
  • A super cute yellow headband (modeled by Baby Girl)

I won all of this from Running Toward the Prize!  Check her blog out here.

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