Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Beginning and a NEW GOAL I sat here and typed.  Trying to figure out how this blog stuff works.  I had a full 2 hours to myself (which NEVER happens), while the baby took a late nap.  Forgive me while I make some mistakes.

I wanted to start a blog to keep myself in line a little better.  Through the last 11 years, I've taken a journey through fitness.  I started out skinny-fat.  I've competed in figure, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.  Now I'm trying to find a happy medium between my fitness and family along with work, hobbies, remodeling, cleaning, cooking, laundry, does the list ever end.  My family makes me HAPPY, but I am at my best for them, when I am fit.

My youngest child, turned 16 months today.  My husband and I are enjoying the fact that we can adjust our work schedules , so that we haven't had to use daycare. 
This however, has changed my training schedule.  I need a new goal.  I am always at my best, when training, if I have a goal. 
Before she was born, I had been at the gym, waiting for the doors to unlock at 5 am.  Until this past week, I couldn't get my butt in bed before 11:30 pm.  This does not work well when you want to get up at 4:45.  Mornings are my best chance for training.  Hubby is in bed at home (so I can sneak out) and because daily life ALWAYS gets in the way later in the day.   

This was a new week and the sun started shining again!  It's been raining for like forever here.    I HAVE A NEW GOAL!!!!! 

 I will run a half marathon at the end of July. 
 Remember?  Accountability.  Well if I say it really small, then maybe I won't feel horrible if it doesn't happen. 

I am not a runner. 
The farthest I've ever ran is:  I have no idea.  

I could jog for a half an hour a few years ago.  I had started jogging, because I had a shoulder injury and needed to take myself away from the weights for awhile.  I had always said, "I'll just traing everything that won't hurt my shoulder".  This always turned into sneaking something in, to keep the shoulder hurting.  For 6 weeks or so, I ran.  I went to the gym up to 3 times a day and ran, just to keep myself sane and away from the weights.  The shoulder got better and the running stopped.  I was soooooo excited to start lifting again.  Months later, I said to myself  "I should've kept running".  I had actually missed it.  I liked the 'thinking time'  that I had, when I got into a zone.  (Mind you, the only way I started finding this 'zone' was while watching Motocross on tv at the gym.)  I will find the zone again and need to learn to love it for a lot longer than a half an hour.

OK, I have to go.  Mommy duty is calling!